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Nanco Transport Services

Our activity is represented in transport services on the transport of goods, fuel, equipment, car rental, passenger transport, public fare (limousine) and school transport.

Car Rental​

Nanco for renting cars

We provide distinguished services for operational car rental in the business sector for companies in the Saudi market with various brands, including the following:  Providing cars according to the customer’s request Comprehensive insurance coverage Speed of car delivery to  the  cities of the Kingdom Providing an alternative in the event of a car out of service Free towing services for cars in case of breakdowns and accidents Providing immediate and preventive maintenance services for cars Roadside Assistance Services Receipt and delivery Cars through our branches across the Kingdom GCC Permit Coverage

Airport Services

Nanco Airport Services

Our activity is to serve airports in transportation inside and outside the airport, ground passenger handling in the airport yards, and providing and providing fuel.

Hajj and Umrah

Nanco Hajj & Umrah Services

Saudi Arabia opens its doors to the world. Your all-inclusive trip to Umrah

We dedicate all our services and energies to serve millions of pilgrims to perform the holy rites easily and easily

Nanco for Hajj and Umrah Transportation Services

Nanco offers a unique range of services for Hajj and Umrah trips that combine travel experience with authentic hospitality values because it believes that this trip deserves to be the best of all.

Petroleum Services

Nanco Petroleum Services

We have a variety of retail fuels to cover your needs, from high-performance vehicles to diesel trucks, and we always offer you a refueling service accompanied by a smile.


Nanco Contracting Services

The activity is represented in general contracting of buildings, maintenance, cleaning and operation of buildings, construction road works, electrical works, water works, dams, telephone, landscaping, site organization and city cleanliness.

Vehicle Maintenance

Double N Autocare (NN Autocare)

The continuity and  efficiency of operations is what distinguishes Nanco, and in order for the company to be able to transport effectively, it must provide maintenance tools to maintain continuous performance around the clock, and for this Nanco was keen to establish its company to take care of vehicles and do the necessary for them periodically.

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