Privacy Policy

While we appreciate your interest in the site, we believe that your right to ensure privacy and confidentiality of information are important to us. Therefore, Al Nakhala Group Holding Co. (Al Nakhala Group) is committed to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the users on this site, and will take reasonable steps to ensure storage and transfer of your data in a secure manner through the internet with modern technologies. This applies to all personal information collected automatically or tools that allow the site to communicate with the computer accessing the site, however, Al Nakhala Group does not warrant or make any guarantees that your data will be 100% safe.

Utilities Cookies:

Please note that we may store some utilities (cookies) in your computer when you visit our internet site, or register for any service or make inquiries on it. This allows us to identify your account automatically when you visit us next time. Most times surfers automatically accept these utilities, and it is also possible for the user to allow or disable these tools independently by adjusting browser settings. Note that the information we receive about the computer includes IP address, date and time of access to our network and parts of the site visited. The purpose of collecting this information is to be aware of the user’s needs and prepare statistical reports. This helps us send you information about our company, as well as our new products and services that suit your requirements. You can adjust your browser settings to disable or allow collection of your information by our system. In this case you may not have full access to some sections of the site.

Collection and use of data:

We collect personal data we receive from you individually when you are voluntarily registering, or filling out forms or e-mailing us for products or services, sending inquiries etc. The data is collected to be able to respond to users appropriately and address enquiries, and provide better services by sharing information about our company and new products or services that you are interested in. For the same purpose, we share the details with affiliated companies who utilize the data in accordance with the privacy and confidentiality terms. At all times you can request access to your data and / or have it changed and / or deleted. You may write to us for any further clarifications in this regard.

External sites:

There may be links or references to other external sites which are not linked to Al Nakhala Group. The terms of use on this site do not apply to the external sites. You must check the terms of use separately for those sites and Al Nakhala Group takes no responsibility of contents of such external sites.

Please note that terms of collection and processing of data mentioned above also do not apply to data collected on the external sites. Al Nakhala Group will not be liable for any damages, access denial on these sites. You will be solely responsible for relying on or utilizing any information from these sites. The links are only provided for the convenience of users only.

Information provided by the user:

Al Nakhala Group reserves the right to use or copy any communications, information or materials voluntarily provided by the users of the site for any inquiries or material sent to the company. By sending such materials to Al Nakhala Group, it means that you accept they may be used by Al Nakhala Group at its discretion. Al Nakhala Group does not seek any confidential information or sensitive materials from users. You must be careful and do not give away any such data on the internet. Al Nakhala Group is not responsible for any damages caused by providing such data that could be exploited on the internet. You hereby agree to indemnify Al Nakhala Group from any damages and the release of responsibility against all claims and liabilities incurred or may incur as a result of the use and / or exploitation of these materials.

Products and services:

All information provided by Al Nakhala Group or its representative on this site with respect to its products and services in the form of data or recommendations is reliable and it is the user’s responsibility to check and ensure the accuracy of the information of any products and services being referred to at any given point of time. The sales of products and services on this site are governed by contractual terms and conditions and comply with the recommended standards which are available free upon request. Al Nakhala Group will not be responsible regarding the use of any other products or services as shown in these contractual terms.