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Success stories of the founder of Alnakhlah:

Since its establishment in 1969, Alnakhlah national has achieved advanced achievements and steps in achieving its vision and mission enhanced by the wise vision of the wise leadership. It was not just an idea, but was based on strategic plans and objectives that were determined, competitive and survival, which qualifies it to achieve its future vision where leadership and service provision with a new concept.
The Corporation has worked to improve its role and performance and expand its fields by developing its work mechanism and plans, building a strategic relationship with its customers from government agencies and business community institutions in the Kingdom, in addition to strengthening its local role in the field of trade, contracting, airport service, transportation and car rental. The company covers its branches in the Kingdom in the Central Region, the Western Region and the Eastern Province. Where the employer manages with a Saudi team of department managers and foreign cadre to achieve the vision by following and applying scientific and practical policies and verifying quality and quality in their implementation.

In order to achieve its objectives, the Company may:

Owning and renting vehicles, movables and real estate necessary for its business. Owning, renting and equipping the workshops necessary for the maintenance and repair of the means of transportation of the institution, and purchasing the necessary equipment, machinery, tools and spare parts. Establishing the necessary gas stations to supply their transport vehicles with fuel. Investing the Foundation’s funds and disposing of them in accordance with its goals and objectives. Concluding cooperation agreements with third parties in the fields related to its activities and tasks. And also carry out any other work that may be required by the interest of the company.

“May God help us and you for what is good for us, for you and for the country”

Khalid Bin Muhammad Alqahtani

General Manager – Founder of Nanco

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