Our Journey

We are proud of our new visions and creative and creative ideas, during the next phase we will enhance and strengthen our role in developing our services and expanding our base to serve the national economy and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

54+ years of achievement

Since its establishment in 1969, Alnakhlah National Company has achieved advanced achievements and steps in achieving its vision and mission enhanced by the wise vision of the wise leadership. It was not just an idea, but was based on strategic plans and objectives that were determined, competitive and survival, which qualifies it to achieve its future vision where leadership and service provision with a new concept.

A New Beginning (Nanco Group of Companies):

The company has worked to improve its role and performance and expand its fields by developing its work mechanism and plans and building a strategic relationship with its customers from government agencies and business community institutions in the Kingdom, in addition to strengthening its local role in the field of trade, contracting, airport service, transportation, car rental and the establishment of gas stations, so “Nanco” Group became our new brand.

The beginning of the journey: the first branch in Riyadh

Our journey began in 1969 with the opening of our first branch

Limited Liability Company

The growth and development of the enterprise has increased through government contracts and contracts of private sector companies.

Business Expansion

Our journey has moved to another stage by investing in business and gas station activities.

The new identity of the Alnakhlah Group of Companies – Nanco

New horizons and moving forward. Nanco best expresses this vision.

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Vision & Purpose 🡢

Owning rental vehicles and moveable property to its business and real estate

Our Leaders 🡢

Leadership Our diverse and experienced leadership team is committed to creating an environment that inspires us, nurtures growth and drives our vision.

Responsibility 🡢

We are passionate about nurturing our youth’s potential and creating opportunities for them within the Kingdom and the region.


Accelerating the growth of our group.