Vision & Purpose

The leading name in the world of transportation, airport service and petroleum services in the Arab region and the Middle East.


Excellence and leadership in transport, communications and sustainable support services are proud of our values.Distinguished by our fleet.Interested in our customers.


Contribute to achieving the highest levels of luxury and comfort for our customers from individuals, institutions and government agencies through a distinguished creative team that provides multiple transportation services, maintenance and leasing activities, facilities management and complementary services in accordance with occupational and environmental security and safety standards, and contribute to the development of transportation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


We are committed to creating a positive climate for investment and capacity preparations and personal characteristics of the groups concerned from both inside and outside the institution, including helping them to turn their ideas into tangible results support the organization’s vision is to provide a sustainable environment and integrated infrastructure.

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Our Journey 🡢

Celebrating our remarkable milestones and looking forward to all the opportunities that lie ahead with Seera.

Our Leaders 🡢

Leadership Our diverse and experienced leadership team is committed to creating an environment that inspires us, nurtures growth and drives our vision.

Responsibility 🡢

We are passionate about nurturing our youth’s potential and creating opportunities for them within the Kingdom and the region.


Accelerating the growth of our group.